Had nightmares last night and aside from putting together P&B’s anniversary gift – scratch tix and a card – and mailing Halloween greetings to the remote grands, I accomplished almost nothing of value.

Resurrected my old iBook but couldn’t get it connected to our wifi.  It’s not much good for browsing anyway; modern web pages are way too heavy for the poor thing.

Ron went to his “fit and strong” group; they are halfway through!  It feels like it’s gone by very quickly.

He saw his doc today about his intestinal distress.

A little before 4, I pulled up a bunch of soaker hoses for draining and storage.  Started cleanup of gone-bys but by that late in the day, it felt overwhelming.

We’d like to put the hoses in the cold frame, but the top is falling apart.  We might be able to load it in the truck tomorrow and replace it with the plywood that Ron bought for the shed repair which is no longer needed.  Might be some other old building materials that we could trash as well.

Continuing to stumble through the GIS tutorials.

I’ve dropped so many FB contacts that it’s almost not worth looking at it any more.

Made a stir fry and, much to Ron’s delight, biscuits for supper.

We started watching a DVD about the Scottish clans.  Well done!