Rain; Wind; Sauce; Electric Usage

Ron’s still not 100%, so I made rice and heated up chicken soup for him.

Several of the poor tomatoes from last weekend went bad; a mess to clean up.  I made sauce, though, and saved quite a few for salads.

It’s been raining since early this morning.  Not that cold, but quite windy.  I went out in it to put out the trash, empty the compost bucket and grab the mail.

Sure would be nice to have a fireplace.  Grateful to have a house.

I started reviewing our electricity usage for the last two years.

Our solar production isn’t that far off last year, about 4%, but our usage is up.  Average January temperature for 2018 was a full 10 degrees cooler than 2017.  Average temperature for August was not that much greater than last year, but our usage was up by 50%.