Cleanup: Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, Ron and I loaded old wood onto the truck and today we brought it to Bourne.  That cleans up a lot of the area behind the big shed.

Today I also emptied a pile of flower pots, buried several pots worth of stones and put the empty pots in the truck for a transfer station run tomorrow.

Yesterday, I drove Peter from and to Midas.  The Infiniti needed brake work.  We paid for 70% of the work in the hope he’ll pay us back.

Then today he blasted a series of messages to me about my poor character.

I got booted out of another FB group of holster sniffers and badge bunnies.

Big screaming match with Ron last night.  I’d inadvertently broken one of his buffalo statuettes.  He put them all away and I took down the shadow box they were in.

Today, I returned the cow laughing at a horse pic to the living room and dug out an old oil painting for downstairs.

I cancelled DNAGedcom and all of the HomeServe coverages.  Have a call in to review the Bankers Life policies.