I vacillated for most of Saturday but made it to Cape Abilities Farm to pick tomatoes.

Brought back 13 pounds for salad and sauce and a box of cherry tomatoes that are out of this world.

Picked up trash early enough at Edgewater to see James and chat with Peter.

Ron has been in bed most of the day; intestinal distress. Set up the heating pad for his feet. Occurred to me that if he had circulatory problems, his feet would be swollen. Wonder if something else is going on.

It was after noon, so got a scone at Coonamessett Farm to tide me over.

Checked in with Cathy and Cindy.  Cathy’s having another eye surgery this week.

Stopped at Pariah Dog farm stand; too many people, never again. Did get some beautiful romaine and a gorgeous bunch of dill from a house on Gifford. Went to Walmart for a prescription and some household items.

Finally, stopped off at Windfall for cheesecake for Ron, his one request from his bed of pain, kale and delicata squash.