Ron’s Discontent; MassJam

Ron has been quietly complaining since he got here about things he missed from the Bay Area, everything from “cheap” Mexican food to access to a gym to a workshop for his tools.

I’ve sought out numerous ways to fill in these gaps: the Woods Hole Folk Music Society, for example, provided a way for him to exercise his stagehand chops until he got bored with it.

Last month, Ron joined a pilot men’s fitness group led by the VNA and signed up for swimming twice a week at a local timeshare resort.  These seem to have filled the gym/exercise void.  For now.

I found a way to pay for the new room – which, fair to say, I’ve been enjoying immensely – to properly store his substantial music collection.  On impulse, I also paid for rough shelves to line a designated shop area.

He’s taken little interest in either, which now that I’ve gotten to know him better, isn’t a surprise.

Unless under some influence or other, Ron is unhappy.  He lives in his own world most of the time.

The Western Mass. Boy Scouts’ MassJam, which has been here since Friday afternoon, is breaking up this morning.  I have the same tightness of breath as when the Fair closes: opportunities lost, experiences missed; people not met; good deeds not done?

I wonder if this has been a good or a bad weekend for most of the Scouts.  Some were at Stop & Shop on Saturday, raising money for “Scouts and the troops”.  They couldn’t explain which troops, which raised my hackles a bit, not at the kids, but at adults who’d use children in this way.  Ron agreed, which confirmed that I wasn’t off base.  I gave  them $5 and hope it helps the kids and not, “the troops”, which we already support without being asked.

After Saturday’s day trip down Cape, we didn’t do much yesterday aside from the usual transfer station run and laundry.  I did make a run to Sandwich for more mulch but had forgotten about their “Porch Fest”, so missed that.