Oktoberfest; Yarmouth

After visiting the bank and walking through Oktoberfest at the town green, we picked up the replacement for the washing machine o-ring in Yarmouth yesterday.

I helped out at the MRTC booth for a couple of hours afterwards with Phyllis, Elana and a terrific woman from the Tedeschi campaign.  She and I helped load Phyllis’ car: very efficient.

It was a gorgeous fall day and a friendly crowd.  As always, Phyllis’ salesmanship was outstanding.

I made a big stir fry for supper: white beans, broccoli, greens, carrots, onions, garlic, celery.

Ron put the agitator back together and did laundry.

This morning, we flipped his mattress to the “plush” side.  Did the transfer station run, made plans to get together with Em, changed the sheets, did a white wash.

I sprayed the ninebarks and the hibiscus and with Ron’s help, planted the three mums.