Another Strange Day (but Great for Ron)

Ron got to go swimming at Sea Mist and met another member of his men’s fitness group there.  He also attended the fitness class later this afternoon.

I bought two-for-one nine bark bushes at Home Depot and picked up two free asters for Peter.  Dropped off two (free) mums from yesterday at iCape.  Peter gave a quick rundown of iCloud photo storage.

Before that, I had to cover a mobile deposit to the Rockland account that had been refused.  Afterwards, I ran around trying to figure out what happened.  Based on advice from the issuing bank, I redeposited the checks and hope this time they’ll clear.

According to Rockland, there was a second mobile deposit made of these same checks, but the issuing bank, Citizens, couldn’t find evidence that the checks cleared.

I went to the branches in Osterville, which are next to each other, and grabbed a Macanudo for Ron at a convenience store and lunch at Earthly Delights.

Made a kale/cranberry/walnut/feta salad for supper and munched on graham crackers for dessert.