Primaries; Plants

Sat with Phyllis for almost two hours at the polls.  Always enjoy talking with her.  Saw one of the MTR’s there; she refused to acknowledge me at first (no class).  Saw Paul later.  He gave us a wave (first class).

Picked up supplements on sale for Ron at CVS.

Cheryl called; she and Pat are in town for the week.  May see them tomorrow.

Stephanie spent almost an hour giving plant and flower advice.  Lots of ideas; some not doable now, but others might be.

Got free plants – iris and wood geranium plus a mystery flower – from a gardener in Sandwich who’s redoing her front yard.  We put everything in the washtubs to soak until I can get them in the ground.

Voted on the way back.

Eggs and salad for supper.

Had a longish chat on the phone with Patrice about the treatment yesterday.  First Deposit doesn’t put a hold on government checks.  I made arrangements to have my checks direct deposited there starting in November.