Plant Wisdom

I posted some garden photos today and have been getting invaluable advice from a handful of people on a FB garden page.

The post was so popular that the dean of Cape Cod gardening replied to it in her blog!

Along with the helpful information there was, unfortunately, a fair amount of pettiness and boasting.  One woman took offense when I asked her about her water bill after she posted that she waters twice a day (!), and some practically broke their arms patting themselves on the back.

I think these stupid “blue line” memes reflect the irrational fear by rich white people that they need cops to protect themselves from who knows what.  Or some kind of bromance thing that men have about other men in uniform.  Village People.

It’s gratifying to see that an Oregon jury awarded a motorcyclist a half million dollar settlement due to misbehavior by a yahoo cop captain.

I was pleased, though, to see that the Sandwich standout is losing more participants.  Good.  Falmouth is hanging in there and Dennis had around half a dozen.  It’s a lot harder than people think when they first sign up.

I did a transfer station run and some weeding at the Mashpee Community Garden, plot 15.  Made a pass through the Naukabout driveway but a food truck was parked in front of their lake view.

Received the check from the Commonwealth!  Almost $400.

Ron treated us to iced tea on the deck.  I made cucumber and tomato sandwiches, but without white bread, they weren’t very good.

We did have a nice supper, though: home made previously frozen veg burgers, salad and custard pie.  Watched the hummers for quite a while.  I’m pretty sure they are ruby-throated hummingbirds.

Kitty dropped by twice.