Dead-headed the hosta and daylilies along the fence.  Watered the front lawn.  Prepped the pineapple from the service center, but it’s pretty awful, gone to alcohol!

Gave Robert a ride to work.

Picked up ale for Ron at TJ’s and trash barrel liners at Job Lot.  Gave Em a ride home from the mall.  They’re planning to move to Washington State in two months!

Ron and I worked outside in 95 degree heat.  He mowed.  I trimmed the front bushes.

Ron finally gave up on towing to GMC and asked the shop in Falmouth to fix the van.

Meanwhile, I got a check engine light in the truck.  Bringing it in tomorrow.

James goes to college this Sunday!

Gail is coming down tomorrow for a visit.

Leftovers for supper combined with some noodles from the service center.  Good!