Wayward Van; Eye Exam; 95

We got a call from Battles Auto – in Falmouth.  The van was towed there last Wednesday instead of to Battles in Bourne.

So, instead of being ready, it hasn’t even been looked at.

Ron had a checkup with Dr. Kadermas; his eye looks good.

While he was waiting to be seen, I got some fixtures at Botello which work for the IKEA computer desk.  We finally “got it together”.

Earlier today, we shopped at Walmart, got cones at Dairy Queen, stopped at Eastman’s and the Falmouth Food Pantry.  Got some marvelous groceries, including two veg dinners, a pineapple, oranges, cauliflower, etc.

Kitty came by after dark last night.  Were we ever relieved when he came back this morning!

Super hoe arrived today.