Hearing Aid

Doing more cleanup downstairs yesterday, I found Ron’s old missing hearing aid on his messy work table.  He thought he’d donated the other one only two weeks ago.

Turns out, he hadn’t!

The Senior Center was open for a private group late yesterday afternoon, so we were able to forage through the Lion’s Club eyeglasses and hearing aid donation box.

Ron found some batteries he’d donated, but no hearing aid.

This morning, he found it in the second bedroom.

He made tofu scramble for breakfast.  It was nice enough to eat outside.

I ordered a wall hanging unit for the extension cord winder.

Realized this morning that the creep I confronted last weekend is an Oath Keeper.  Someone else from the group was photographed with him.

We did a lot of outdoor work today, mostly watering and some weeding.

Also did the transfer station and changed sheets.

My right wrist is killing me.