I finished cleaning the big corner turntable in the kitchen.  Ron is almost done mowing the lawn.

Ron has kindly offered to put up a shelf in the den closet.  While he was out buying brackets, I decided spur of the moment to paint the closet.  Found a can of paint with primer – even a good color, yellow or close enough.

That’s the last project I’ve come up with for us/him.

We took care of two big ones yesterday: fencing around the new garden and disposition of the collection of wood that’s been leaning up against the shed.

I sorted through the wood and put good pieces in the shed lofts and bad ones in the truck.  Ron cut a couple so we could close the tailgate, and we brought the load, including the two hard plastic tables that we never use, to Bourne.

After trying to fasten the cloth wire to stakes, which didn’t turn out very well, Ron stapled it to the raised bed.  It was hard work and he gets full credit for it.  I can sleep better knowing that my vegetables are less vulnerable now, although I was sorry to see the struggles of a bee who couldn’t figure out at first how to get through the fence.  It succeeded eventually by flying over it.

Freed from household projects, I watered this morning for several hours.

I also wrote a letter to Falmouth Police Chief Edward Dunne.  The amount of posterior-kissing of the FPD on social media has become so bad that Falmouth’s finest won’t be able to sit for a month!

Did the CSA pickup.  Saw Shamus, my favorite, and only two other customers, who were almost finished.

Kitty has been by twice, yesterday and today!

Peter had the two non-working cars towed!

Dropped off a bag of vegetables for the boys at iCape.