Turkeys, Zukes, Cukes, Vegloaf, Music

Two or maybe three adult turkeys and 13 young ones walked through the corner garden and the front yard around 7 this morning.

Got the Gemini turntable hooked up, but one of the speakers didn’t work.  Ron figured it out and rewired it, so we now have a real music room!

Harvested cukes, zukes and tomatoes.

Did laundry and changed sheets.

Made a vegloaf, baked potatoes and green beans for lunch/supper.

Dropped off zukes to Cindy and Cathy, as promised.

Transfer station.  Cardboard collection was not available.  Glad I didn’t try to clean out the attic of empty boxes this week.

Used our Fair tickets, last day, to see this year’s version of the Lovin’ Spoonful and roam a bit.  Saw Lori at the Beer Garden.  Nice afternoon/evening, got home around 7:30.