Still Dry But Humid; Demolition Derby

Ron fixed the pressure washer!

We did some watering today.  I brought a load of cardboard boxes to the transfer station and hoped to drop off toys at St. Vincent’s but got there too late.  The traffic heading West on Route 28 was so bad that I took back roads from Cotuit.

Ron washed the kitchen and hallway floors!  Pretty grungy.

I picked up groceries at the evening Food Pantry; so much better than daytime.  Had to re-register, it’s been over a year since I was there.  Got two loaves of sliced bread, a baguette, an unsliced loaf, cheese and a gorgeous head of romaine.  We should be set with staples for a while.

Brought a nice little bookshelf down from the attic and unpacked Ron’s CDs.

Picking up “Warranty” again.

Ron figured out why he’s been screaming at me recently.  He hasn’t been taking one of his meds.  I figured this has been going on for almost 3 weeks, but he claims it’s been less time than that.  In any event, this has been a tough month.

The demolition derby came and went.  Traffic wasn’t as bad this year; at least, I was able to get home via Old Barnstable on the third light cycle.  Wanted to join a standout with the MRTC at the rotary but the location was hard to reach, at least for me with my bad left leg.

Still no refund from Wells Fargo.  Ron reached a customer service person today who at least told him the truth, unlike others he’s talked with before.  We’re hoping it’ll show up in his account tomorrow.  Thieves and robbers!