Yesterday we spread mulch in front of the entrance sign at SPEA and did a deep prune of bushes in front of the fence at Edgewater. Dropped the wood off today.

Still waiting for the drywall mud to set so the new room can be finished.  Very damp this week; even with the space heater going full blast, it’s taking days.

Recruiter lined up a phone interview for Monday at 1, Lewiston contract.

Home inspection across the street.

Lively discussion on the Handmaid’s FB group about surrogacy and adoption.

Disappointed in results of yesterday’s Town election.

I’ve been knocking Ron for months for dragging his feet on the shed loft, so figured it was only right to clean the carpet in the bedrooms.  The Little Green does a fine job!

Drove Alpha to YAG today and caught up with Robert’s work news on the way home. Did a shop at Trader Joe’s, World Market and GOL.