Making Progress

We’ve more or less figured out what we want to keep and what we can donate, recycle or throw out.

We’ve also pretty much separated the cellar contents into functional areas, e.g., Ron’s shop, new room and laundry/storage.

We cleaned up and vacuumed the area under the stairs. It’s now usable space. I’m thrilled to have found some flooring.

We’ll set up Ron’s antique bed in the new room along with a chest of drawers, the rocker, a lamp/end table and a “bar” area.

Ron is already using the new closet for paper goods.  Smart.

Ron wants to keep the insulation, so we put it in the attic along with Christmas wrapping paper.

We took apart the futon and loaded the parts on the truck along with sliding doors and window screens.  Will bring this to the transfer station tomorrow.  Bourne won’t be taking household goods until July at the earliest.

Really cooled off this afternoon.  I’m happy with the work we’ve done today and earlier in the week.