Ron Has Shelves!

Congratulate me: Ron and I cleared and vacuumed the area around his workbench this morning so John and Sean could put up shelves today and I am not yet a widow.

Chad and Sean continued work on the room: baseboard, HVAC and ceiling tile. Mudder will be here on Friday.

John ordered enough extra plywood (2 sheets) to supply Ron’s shed loft project.

Wrote letters to 3 of Uncle Bob’s family; FB messaged the fourth.

Got final figures on the HELOC. Even though our interest rate skyrocketed, the term is longer, so we have more cash flow, about $40/month.

Submitted unclaimed property requests, over $400 worth, to the State Treasurer’s office. Shirley found some as well!

Caught up from sick Sunday: laundered and changed sheets and Ron did the transfer station run.

He also did the bagel run at the Senior Center, drove James to Hyannis so James could get his iPhone fixed and drove Robert to and from work. Mercifully, Alpha had the day off.

Punk this morning but better this evening.