Property Taxes; Yard Work; Alpha’s Job (2); Sick

Ron and I worked outside from 11 to 4:30 today.  Nice day but very hot in the sun.

Here’s what we got done:

Dug up day lilies that a friend offered for free;
Took down and broke up the four sections of the old fence at Edgewater, got it all on the truck;
Disposed of the fence at Bourne;
Confirmed that Ron’s new Cumby card works (the old one had failed);
Gave James a ride to his bank and to Walgreen’s (me);
Planted the day lilies at Edgewater (me);
Broke down the pallet from Home Depot (Ron);
Emails to the fam.

Alpha kept me waiting for an hour on Tuesday. We’ve got a system now so we know when to pick them up. Ron got them yesterday, he was at Edgewater scoping out the fence, which we took down today, and only waited a couple of minutes. They like them at work!

I picked up the yard debris at Edgewater on Monday and brought it to the transfer station yesterday.

Paid the property taxes on Monday, May 1.

Sick today. Started feeling it yesterday.