Alpha’s Job

Solved a minor crisis with the Krups.  Cleaned it and the old coffeemaker last night with no problem, but when I tried making coffee this morning, it didn’t perk.  So, I used the old coffeemaker and it worked fine.

Drove Alpha to their new job today and wrote out and mailed checks on my way back to Mashpee.

Unfortunately, I left Alpha hanging when they were done: forgot to bring my phone in from the truck and never got their text.  They were gracious.  Said they had a good day and are looking forward to working again.

Drove Robert to work.  Stopped for baked goods at the Senior Center.

Had a good phone conversation with one of the captains at Mashpee PD.  Have his number for the future.

Stuffed all the tree pruning from the back yard at Edgewater into the truck.  Might bring it to Bourne tomorrow, have an errand there for the Keyes campaign.  It took me about five times to explain this to Ron, who didn’t believe I could fit all of it into the truck, especially without cutting it with the chainsaw.

Heard from my cousin Ron.

Katrina at Dr. v’s office had my back today and called in a script for a med that I’d forgotten to refill.  Picked it up at Walmart and did a shop at Shaw’s.