Another Trip to Home Depot; Waquoit Farmer’s Market

We dropped off the list for the basement project and fortunately, the same salesman who helped me before was available. We’re expecting the delivery on Wednesday. Ron was reassured that the materials would be covered to the weather.

While we were in Hyannis, we shopped at Shaw’s, Harbor Freight, Trader Joe’s and World Market. Got my favorite tea, a socket set for Ron and a bunch of groceries. By that time, the Home Depot order was ready for payment and sign-off.

We didn’t get home until around 4, so didn’t get much else done for the day.

Went to the Waquoit Church Farmer’s Market today. Ron found some exceptional soup for lunch.

Had a nice phone conversation with my cousin Nancy the other day and received an email today with her contact info.

Think I finally have things squared away at GoDaddy. The CapeCoder website is going away in a few days as is SPEA. They consolidated my email accounts.