Fence, Stump Grinding, Faucets

Two projects got done yesterday, not by us, but by “Jon” and “John”: new fence at Edgewater and long overdue stump grinding here.

Ron set up the hoses today and turned on water to the outdoor faucets.

I replanted the small blue spruce that was knocked askew yesterday and UPS’d the revised contract pages to HFCU.

Ron did some more wood chipping. I cleaned up the area at the end of the U where Jon ground down the stumps.

Dropped off the truck for Peter to use to get to a job interview tomorrow.

More insane reactions to my innocent post in the “Mashpee Message” FB page.

These are people who hate anyone who doesn’t think exactly in the same way as they do. This is not people who disagree with them, it’s more fundamental and more intolerant: they hate people who can’t read their * minds.

Example: I posted a question on the “Mashpee Message Haters” page asking about traffic tie-ups on the day the Yarmouth policeman was buried. Turns out, Route 6 had been blocked for a while to allow a cordon of off-Cape police to get over the Sagamore.

Instead of a rational answer, I got a bunch of crazy reactions, including one curse-laden private message. The moderator accused me of posting an inflammatory message: “You should have known” blah blah.

This is the world we live in, that a question about traffic flow not only gets misinterpreted but the person in charge joins in the piling on.

Left the page, had enough: out of over 1,800 people, there are 5 or so lunatics. Hope the administrator can deal with them.