Gardener’s Diary

Lots of seedlings, threw some ancient (2000) calendula seeds in the garden.
Nice plant sale yesterday in Marstons Mills. Picked up 2 Chameleon ivy, 2 Forget Me Nots, a Rudbeckia that blossoms in the late summer/early fall, mint, a strawberry plant.
James and I won $15 with a couple of scratch tickets, so we went to ToysRUs to get an accessory kit he’s been wanting for his DS.

Spent some time today at 11 Edgewater, cleaned out 2 wheelbarrows full of leaves and vinca that was growing too close to the house. Unearthed a green splash block that had Peter and I puzzled. Finished the plantings from yesterday.
Did some light pruning of the Rhodies and the forsythia (I think I’m allergic, couldn’t stop coughing), watered all the new plants, put top coat over the spots I primed last weekend.
The house is a mess but I decided not to try to clean because I’m tired and it would make me crazy. I did cook up some delicious turkey sausage and burgers, about 1/3 of which made a nice supper with a green salad.

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