Peter Cohen (The Elder)

When Peter Cohen (The Imposter) was born, I did some hard thinking about the men I knew, wanting to pick a name for him that would have the most positive associations.
So, I named him after my cousin Peter. This was somewhat irregular in that you were supposed to select the name of a deceased relative, but quite honestly that made no sense to me, and Peter (the Elder) never seemed to mind.

Peter moved to California some years ago and started a commune called Mayday with a bunch of friends. Young Peter and I visited him a very long time ago.
My cousin and I kept in touch sporadically through the years, exchanging occasional holiday cards, photos, letters, phone calls, emails.
About two years ago, Peter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was doing pretty well until the tumor came back last winter. He had an operation that left him paralyzed on one side and unable to speak.
Peter was one of the wittiest and most charming people I know. He adored his children and his grandchildren, took great pride in them as well he should have.
His first marriage ended in divorce, but he had a spectacular second marriage and what was until he became ill a happy life in a beautiful city with interesting friends and business associates.
I will miss him.

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