Colin Powell, who has suffered as the result of his participation in legitimizing the war in Iraq, isn’t the only one who’s kissed up to Obama in an attempt to save his legacy.
The press, which for years cowered before the Bush administration, has a lot to answer for. And their answer, much to their discredit, has been to attack McCain and Palin unmercifully, while leaving Obama and more particularly Biden, untouched.

For example, consider Biden’s idiotic comment that the US “drove Hezbollah from Lebanon”. This must have come as quite a surprise to the Lebanese, considering that Hezbollah is the most powerful political force in their country. Or his dumb remark about Roosevelt speaking on TV. Or his reference to that 3-letter word, “JOBS”. Or the fact that his math is as poor as his spelling: his claim that costs in Afghanistan for seven years equals the cost of three weeks of combat in Iraq is flat-out wrong. The real equivalence is 5 years in Afghanistan versus 1 year in Iraq.
We’ve barely heard a peep about those gaffes, never mind his astonishing prediction about a manufactured crisis looming on the horizon to test his “brilliant” running mate, as opposed to thousands of lines about Governor Sarah Palin’s wardrobe.
Joan Chevalier, a writer based in New York, writes most sympathetically about the extreme biases of the liberals in her acquaintance. What makes her article astonishing is that it was published in the Boston Globe, a once-great paper that has become the sad-eyed stepchild of the New York Times.
The MSM’s gigantic pendulum swing hasn’t endeared them to this voter, and I detest them as much for their offensive liberal biases as I did for their cowardice when Bush was untouchable.
That, not to mention the $600 million campaign, half of which was raised from fat cats and multi-millionaires, makes me very wary of what promises were made by Obama and, to quote his racist pastor, what chickens will be coming home to roost should he be elected.

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