Was afraid I’d missed it, a meeting this afternoon on possible changes to the rotary.

Yesterday, we did laundry and two transfer station runs. I treated us to lunch at Panera, thinking a prepaid card from MassSave would work; it didn’t.

P&B paid all of December and the balance of November rents. John F. gave us a call on the repairs at Edgewater. Asked P&B to send us their picks for upstairs toilet and vanity.

Ron has lost his mind; he’s been hanging used coffee filters in the basement laundry area, figuring to “save money”. Big argument about leaving lights on yesterday. Meanwhile, we are bleeding cash in loan interest, which we hope to stop once P&B buy the house.

Wreaths, Lights, Tree, Strawberries

We put up the homemade wreaths and holiday lights over the weekend. Keeping it simple this year, included only the bushes by the front door. The timer works.

I added a string of lights to the vase that Cindy gave us and put up the tiny tree.

It’s raining now, but we may get snow tonight and tomorrow morning. I’m hoping James’ driving test is later this week; no word yet.

Having kicked myself for not doing so last year, I took advantage of Hulu’s Black Friday offer and signed up for $1.99/month. Already binged on one series, “Apple Tree Yard”.

Still struggling with FullCalendar.

Covered the strawberry plants with oak leaves.