Catching Up

Took a “programming” test that involved almost no programming yesterday morning.

Did the transfer station run yesterday afternoon. I was so disorganized, I went through the recycle area three times, the last to return a bin that I’d absentmindedly put in the truck.

Got our phones squared away with T-Mobile. Mine at least: Ron had a load of trouble with his, but an Apple Support rep and I got him squared away today.

Gave Robert a ride home yesterday and will be heading out shortly for James. Split a chicken (arg) Caesar sub with Robert; he bought me a chocolate milk.

Spent a good part of this afternoon with Ron’s phone. Did get the Emme garden cleaned out of weeds and watered it.

We briefly attended a free concert at Falmouth Marine Park. Did a shop at Job Lot: 20% off everything in the store. Loaded up on a month’s worth of staples: paper goods, dishwasher soap, nuts.

Early Autumn Bouquet

Surprised to find so many beautiful flowers in the gardens this week.

I took the horrid Avanade test this morning. Not what I expected, very little coding, a lot of questions about Patterns and SCRUM. Bias toward big company dev shops, which in retrospect makes a ton of sense.

We seem to be in good hands for our insurance renewals.

Skipped political meetings this week. Upset that David Weeden seemed to endorse Habitat. Will discuss with him at his “meet and greet”.

Intestinal distress last night. Ate too much too soon before trying to get to sleep. Up early today.

Found a whole bag of dried blueberries. Plumped up half and made muesli this morning for breakfast. Really, really good.

Forget to take meds one day this week, not sure which.

Received TMobile SIM cards yesterday.

Mowed back and front lawns yesterday. Ron has been working on the shower.

Strawberries; Fencing

The seedlings have started, especially pak choy and kale. Spotted a baby rabbit today, so repurposed the fencing that topped the strawberries. It was crazy not to have done this before planting, but there you are. Luckily, we have two soaker hoses, so I could set them up separately.

I finished the strawberry patch today. Replanted the strongest plants, removed runners, did a lot of pruning and even more weeding. Watered everything.

We ate the 15+ ounce tomato today. I made French toast for breakfast. Salad for lunch, peanut butter and cheese for supper. Ouch.

Did a little more C# exercise work.

Ordered a dehumidifier from Amazon. Ron bought eggs and made tapioca!


Rained last night, rained today. We lazed around for a bit this morning and watched it from the bedroom window.

Did some minor weeding of pseudo-strawberry plants in the corner garden.

Deadheaded and pruned the two hangers.

Cut off end branches that had tent insects from the birch.

Was at risk of overdraft at First Citizens, so had to do another emergency bank run. Small shop at Roche afterwards for salad, snacks and some delicious-looking stuffed portobellos. Ron went to Shaw’s and Job Lot.

Got some very helpful feedback from Monday’s technical interview, with suggestions for further study.

Did laundry and not much less.

Interviews; Humidifier; Cold Weather Vegs

Had a “practice” interview yesterday and a real-time one today. The one today went well, but no joy, they turned me down. I am fried.

Holding on the phone for over 45 minutes with Cal Retirement. Ron elected a 100% survivor benefit.

Current price for the cemetery plot is over $5,000. I hope to sell it. Need to get a photo first.

I made oatmeal a frittata this morning with leftover angel hair pasta, eggs, cheese, red pepper and onion. The oatmeal cookies I made the other day are gone. We had cheese, crackers and grapes last evening.

Planted cold weather veg seeds yesterday: kale, pak choy, salad greens, radishes.

Our humidifier died, poor thing.

Peter suggested we could switch our cell carrier on the phone rather than going to the retail store. He has the SIM cards, will pick them up tomorrow.

Spaghetti, Burgers

I cooked twice today, pasta and salad for lunch and Beyond Meat burgers and green beans for supper.

Visited the little house on Carriage House Road. Would be perfect for us. Actually, would be perfect for ME: formal dining room, new appliances, pondfront, juliet balcony, nice deck, 3 bedrooms and a den, two full baths, wood fireplace….it goes on and on.

Picked up dryer sheets for half price at Mahoney’s.

Cleaned out the strawberry patch of weeds and violets.

Finished prepping the former milkweed garden for seeding.

Did a little work to prepare for the practice coding test tomorrow.

Pizza; Bad Martha; Storm

We got some rain yesterday and last night from Dorian.

Prior to that, I’d cleaned out the garden that used to have the milkweed patch.

Made pizza for supper last night on the stove top: good, too.

Made oatmeal cookies today in the small oven and (less successfully) the grill.

We had beer at Bad Martha. Also good. Ron got extra because they were having trouble with the co2 for his variety. They poured two foamy glasses, about 2/3 full each. I asked if we could have them rather than waste, and they accommodated us.

We met the owners, Jonathan and Jennifer. Seem nice enough. He’s a hard worker and she’s outgoing and charming.

Ron decided to take the long way home, so we drove along the water and up Davisville so he could get razor blades at CVS. I’d mentioned that the thrift store next door had brandy snifters, and he agreed to take a look.

We ended up buying the snifters AND a giant martini glass AND a martini pitcher with stirrer. The director of the store is one of Robert’s customers and thinks very highly of him!

A very pleasant afternoon.