Yard Work

Mowed the back and the sides today at Dixon. Leaves are starting to fall. Did some more scraping at Edgewater.
Added some cute decorations to the gardens, 90% off at Christmas Tree Shop.
Dropped in to see Laurie and all the kids at their annual Halloween party.

Pain in the Afterpart

Finally got around to installing IIS 7.0 and its administrative interface today.
I also tried to install Drupal, Joomla and some other programs. What a pain! Each app not only requires a database password, which is nuisance enough, but also up to two additional password keys. Overkill, methinks, for a single-user development machine.
So, I’ve spent about the last 9 hours – since 4:30 this morning – on maintenance.
I’m ready for a nap.


I worked for over 5 hours this morning and a couple last night to resolve a network driver problem with my HP Pavilion.
This followed an unsuccessful attempt to update drivers, itself an unsuccessful attempt to resolve a Blue Screen issue that’s been reported for both Vista and Windows 7.
My Broadcom wireless driver is still fried, but I’m hard-wired to the Comcast modem via a newly-installed NVIDIA nForce driver, and that’ll do for now – especially since everything fits into the computer armoire.
So, it looks like my bedroom is a bedroom again, which is probably not a bad thing, and the spare room is an office.
I do miss the view of the garden, though.