Gardener’s Diary

Finished dead heading and pruning today, at least for now; mulched the rose bushes and the skimmias. Glad I planted them, they are the only bit of color left.
Cut down more grasses. Wind advisory. The garden looks fairly tidy, but it’s depressing, and I’m missing summer.
With the solar lights on, the garden at night resembles the bow of a ferry, as seen from the wheelhouse.
Changed out the flower boxes on the shed Thanksgiving morning. I like the colors, green and white.

Fall Cleanup

Thanksgiving. Started pruning today, made a good sweep through all of the gardens. Things look much neater.
This year, I’m especially thankful for Mr. Fluffles.
Planted some pretty skimmias the other day, and fortunately for them, it’s been raining off and on ever since, and expected to do so for the next several days.
Done with the lawn for the year except for raking and probably one last mowing.
Tried to Thompson’s the deck, but I waited too long, temps have been too low (below 50).
Nice Thanksgiving dinner at Sandy’s, was good to see everyone.
NOT looking forward to the flooring project. I have three bids, and have been trying to ensure that comparisons are equivalent. Worn out with home improvements.