It’s Not the Age, It’s the Attitude

88 (or 89) year old Canton woman Ilse Horn was charged in the death of 4 year old Diya Patel.
Horn has an abominable driving record apparently unrelated to her age: 5 chargeable car crashes – crashes, not speeding tickets, although she has at least one of those as well – since 1982, when she was 61 or 62.

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Gardener’s Diary

Lots of seedlings, threw some ancient (2000) calendula seeds in the garden.
Nice plant sale yesterday in Marstons Mills. Picked up 2 Chameleon ivy, 2 Forget Me Nots, a Rudbeckia that blossoms in the late summer/early fall, mint, a strawberry plant.
James and I won $15 with a couple of scratch tickets, so we went to ToysRUs to get an accessory kit he’s been wanting for his DS.

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