Tough Plants!

The hanging plants survived Tuesday night’s 20 degree freeze: the Million Bells still have leaves, and the others have green stalks.

So, I brought them in yesterday to see if they’ll winter over. They are annuals, so who knows; worth a try.

They also survived my spraying them, not with the organic insect killing soap that I intended, but with a bleach solution that Ron astutely noticed.

Watched the impeachment hearing off and on and did catch some highlights real-time, including Vermont Representative Welch’s neat put down of Republican whistleblower beefs.

Had a good, long conversation with someone from VIA benefits about the phone call with them earlier this week.

NEPS appears to be working. I’m not sure what changed and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on my side.

I picked Robert up at work. He was sick and I was late because I didn’t get an earlier message.

Totaled up P&B’s rent payments. Better than I thought, but explains why we’re short on funds to pay property taxes this month.

Checked out Ron’s health care premium payments this year, a whopping $1,300+. Next year should be better.

Met with a very pleasant gent from Homevestors.

I’ve been straight out running numbers for many days.

Staying Put

Yesterday was one of my worst. Ron got on my nerves and so did almost everything else. Wish I could say it was the full moon but that would just be an excuse.

Made arrangements for a tour and appraisal of Edgewater on Thursday.

Woke up at 1:30 and went back to bed about 2 hours later. Slept until 8:45 am.

I was going to have lunch this afternoon with a new friend but cancelled yesterday when the forecast called for snow. I’ll drive in it when I have to but not voluntarily. Hope we can reschedule.

Spoke with a real estate attorney today who only does business in cash.

We made soup with veg broth and old celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic and parsley. Ron did all of the prep except for the celery.

I fixed a couple of problems with MRS and registered myself. Still fighting with VSEPT in NEPS.

Tortellini for lunch.

Made a Dutch pseudo-apple pie with eggplant.


Relieved that Peter and James are done with the hauls to Brockton. I know, “border issue”, but I’m still glad they don’t have to do that drive with winter approaching. Just hope James gets his license this week.

Contradictory reports on what to expect for weather. One source says below zero in Boston, another says low 20’s.

We cleaned up leaves here yesterday. I mowed the front and back, Ron did leaf blowing and raking. I’m putting the leaves in the gardens for mulch.

Seeing a couple of baleful-looking squash in the refrig, I made a quiche last night and Ron made a salad. We didn’t finish supper until 8:30; how continental of us.

It being so late, we watched a fine Prime special on the music of Leonard Cohen. The lyrics and the adulation went over my head, but the music direction was topnotch, so I still enjoyed it.

I’m literal, Ron is metaphorical and as I’ve written before, he “gets” poetry; sometimes he’s even able to explain it to me.

More Mowing

Yesterday mowed the back at Edgewater and redid the front.

Ron made tomato soup and eggs for supper!

Went below freezing last night.

Had much too long phone conversations yesterday about our health insurance coverage through Cal with a couple of incompetents at via Benefits. Finally got a straight answer from Andrea. We’re keeping our medical plans. I switched Ron’s Part D, since the premiums for his current plan are doubling in 2020.

Flu Vaccinations

There’s been a shortage of the senior flu vaccine, so we were happy to find it today at the Stop & Shop Pharmacy. Glad to see Marty back in action as well as our “behind the counter” friends Pat and Bonnie!

Ron did laundry, turned off the outdoor spigots and disconnected the last two hoses.

I drained the outdoor shower and removed the valve.

I made tortellini and stir fry for lunch, along with leftover salad.

I got to drive Robert to his neurologist for a routine appointment. Intended to mow their front lawn, and did, but it took twice as long as it should have because of the volume of leaves. Had to abandon it halfway through to drive Robert, but finished it when we got back to Edgewater.

Returned books to the library.

Clean up at Edgewater

I worked on the back yard at Edgewater today, finished the weeding and pruning in the grass garden.

Turns out, the big grasses needed a lot of surgery: lots of dead stuff. Hope they’ll do better in the spring.

Brought the load to the transfer station, came home to clean up and pick up Robert, who kindly bought me a cappucino at Cumby’s. It really hit the spot!

Worked on NEPS today as well. Made progress on fixing bad relative links, but am puzzled by email problems. More tomorrow.

Pleased with the election results in Virginia. Not so good on Cape. Looks like Phyllis may be right, bloodbath in 2020.

Impressive interview by Pete Buttigieg on PBS Newshour tonight. Enjoying being able to watch cable news while I work!

Ron’s Shoe Problem

Ron stepped in dog exhaust yesterday and tracked it around the house. After announcing “we” had a problem, which I disputed, he did a good job of cleaning up the mess.

Battles installed the drivers side mirror for half their estimate.

Summer water bill was much less than expected.

Watched the Affordable Housing Trust joint meeting with the Selectmen last night. Was greeted cordially by the selectpersons. Good conversation afterwards with Mike Richardson.

Eggs with mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes for breakfast. Cleaned up the kitchen from this morning – and last night. We’d porked out on more or less healthy snacks: nuts, seeds and raisins.

Chromecast, Dynex, Changed Clocks

Got them working again this morning!

Plugged in the Chromecast. Found the correct input on the Dynex by (duh) scrolling through.

Started the vid on the phone and clicked on the “cast” icon. Can stream Youtube, Prime and Netflix. Found

Also changed the clocks. The only tricky one was the LaCrosse in the living room. Held down the reset, then when the “hour” was blinking, let go of the reset and clicked on “-“.

Ron diligently cleaned almost all of the window sills and the sliding door track.

Tomato soup, grilled cheese and a big salad for lunch.

Laundry. Changed sheets.

Getting cold.


Not much into Halloween decorating this year, but fortunately, others were. I took off around 7:15 to tour a couple of neighborhoods. The Bartletts at SPE had the most spectacular displays: fantastic! We had about 20 kids; plenty of leftover candy for us.

We did food shopping today. Ron worked on the compost; I picked up more starter.

We also pounded in more rebar and attached the wisteria trellises.