Walked 3 1/2 miles today, some in Cotuit and the rest in Mashpee.

Picked up and dropped off a push broom for Peter.

Cleaned up the rest of the flower, veg and herb garden beds here.

Watched a nice webcast of Yaniv Dinur, the Music Director of the New Bedford Symphony.

Yard Work

Peter and I did the transfer station run yesterday. I helped with leaf removal, but Peter did most of it, managing to clean the whole front and a good part of the back with Joe’s leaf blower. He even cleared the area under the holly!

I’ve been working on our beds. The veg beds are still in process.

Ron has been working on and with the chipper and made progress yesterday.

Guaifenesin arrived yesterday. One of Ron’s friends recommended it if we become symptomatic. I’m all for lungs and breathing, thank you.

Yesterday I did a shop and picked up Ron’s prescription at Stop & Shop.

Living in an area with a lot of entitled old men who think they can crowd the rest of us, I like this new social distancing: if they get too close, they could die: Ha Ha Ha.

Walked Over Three Miles

Sunny and pleasant today after a shower this morning.

Goal was 4900 steps. With Ron’s encouragement and company, ended up at over 6,200. We went around the neighborhood. I’m where I should be at 19 days (5,800). I’d lost count last weekend when my phone ran out of charge.

Ron set up the hoses. Seems to be a problem with the spigot in the back, but the front is okay.

I drove Peter to Cormier’s to pick up his car. He says it’s running much better now.

Did more raking in the front: side garden, beds in front of the house. Put the tonneau cover back on.

Branch Recycling

Picked Peter up from Cormier’s. We loaded the prunings but it was too much for the transfer station, so we did three trips to All Cape Recycling. Peter and I made a good team so it wasn’t that hard, and the people who run the place are easy to get along with.

The rest of the day is pretty much a blur. It started raining shortly after we finished, so I did the rest of my walking in front of the TV.

Typical Sunday

Raked on the house side of the fence and hauled it to the transfer station. Stopped for frozen fruit and marked-down cookies at Roche and scones at Washashore.

Ron did laundry. We changed the sheets.

I tossed the two 100 foot hoses out the attic window and straightened them out in back.

Grasses, More Leaves

Made headway with the area in front of the fence. Cut down, raked and cleaned out two grasses. Hauled it to the transfer station.

Ron is doing something with a huge pile of branches at Edgewater. Peter did a lot of pruning of the front bushes and the holly.

Made Silver Palate oatmeal and a non-fat smoothie for breakfast.

Visited the boat ramp at Ockway Bay and Popponesset Beach.

Transfer Station, Custard

Ron and I did the transfer station run yesterday. I made custard with the last of the milk that was two weeks beyond “Used By” date.

I raked out the hydrangeas at the top of the driveway.

Ron went shopping for OTC meds and fruit for smoothies. He sawed off some holly limbs for Peter as well.

I am taking savage pleasure in the 100% loss of stock market earnings since Trump took office: the DJIA closed today at 19,174 vs. 19,732. I don’t suppose that’ll shut his followers up for long, though.

Rain, NOOM Group, Errands

Ron paid a visit to his fellow GMC fan today and brought back fantastic bread.

I did a shop during what was supposed to be “Senior Time” and of course, the store was mobbed, including at least one malodorous person who probably infected the rest of us.

I stopped in to CVS which was not useful, but Roche had toilet paper, eggs and yogurt, all of which was either missing or in short supply at Stop & Shop.

Filled up at S&S gas: $2.19 a gallon, chose not to use our points.

Transferred the Weedman account to Peter. Sort of a house-warming gift.

I’m in a NOOM group. Seem like a friendly bunch.

Baked a spaghetti squash. Killer with the basil pesto Ron picked up the other day.

Made a pantry “fazoo” with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, rosemary.

Yard Work, Rabbit Repellent

Found some ragged tulip leaves and Mahoney’s is open, so I picked up a couple of bags of repellent.

Dropped off leaves from the corner garden at the transfer station, but am planning to put the rest in our “woods”.

The tree that Ron almost killed is doing VERY well!

Rain, Sheltering in Place

We are staying put today.

Yesterday I used the almost-bad avocado and some ancient cooking chocolate to make brownies. I managed to burn the chocolate, but the brownies came out pretty well anyway.

Peter was over to borrow the loppers. Nice chat.

Started leaf cleanup yesterday. Hope I didn’t jump the gun. Irrigation person came by, gave us a quote today.

Right now, I’m watching “Carmen” from 2010. The Met, which has canceled performances through the end of the month, is streaming old productions through Sunday, for free.

Earlier, saw some vids on YouTube of high school productions that had to be cancelled.

I am just as happy to be “stuck” here. Lessens the guilt about not “going out”, especially when so much good is available online.

Having some fun, too.