Got It Done

Resigned from the MRTC with assistance from a helpful person at MassGOP.

Got a ride to Falmouth Toyota and brought home the truck. Ron commented I am much less stressed now that it’s back. I was running on fumes (a little over 2 gallons left) but made it to the Shell station for a 15 cents off deal from TMobile.

Brought a load of pine branches to the transfer station and picked up some groceries. Dropped off a thank you note to Kurt.

Ron has finally got himself squared away on his new computer.

I did some minor pruning at the top of the “U” and watered the rhodies. Glad we left the soaker in place. Got reports from Peter on the state of gardens there.

Been eating raw veggies all day. Made a good dent in the crudite platter from G.

We walked down to an art exhibit on Old Barnstable and met a very cool couple. Ron seems pleased. I liked one painting in particular.

We walked about a mile and a half. At least I did.

Sunday Wrapup

I’ve been watering the little trees and a couple of the hydrangeas with the hoses.

We did a 2+ mile walk yesterday before Sunday chores. Spent late afternoon/evening with G and Free. She treated us to wine, fruit and crudites; we brought garden flowers and Häagen-Dazs. Free was winsome.

We did a “breaking the ice” exercise which she’s used in other settings, a lot of questions, some easy (“What’s your favorite sport’s team”) and some harder (“What is the thing in your life you’re most proud of”).

G hurt herself as we were headed home and ended up in the hospital, but I didn’t get the message until it was too late to help.

This morning I brought a load of weeds and more pine boughs to the transfer station.

Smokey was here early. As I was leaving for an interview at a local shop for a kitchen help job, I passed him running back to his house with a baby rabbit in his mouth. He recognized the truck, looked, but didn’t stop. He probably figured out that we buried the last one.

Ron drove Robert to work and will be driving him home, too, so I can keep an appointment this afternoon for a safety check of my truck at Falmouth Toyota.

Ron’s had a virtual routine physical with his doctor. That makes no sense to me, but we have some biometric equipment here that he can use if asked, like a thermometer, a blood pressure cuff and an oximeter. That pretty much covers what would be in a doctor’s office, come to think of it. He checked out well and is pleased.

Cost of Groceries

After totaling our food spending for the last two months, we seem to be in USDA’s upper quartile of 2-person grocery budgets, even adjusted for the Cape’s higher COLA.

Our annual income and housing expenses are dead-on with the EPI budget calculator.

Ron did a load of laundry yesterday. I continued to work on hemming his jean shorts. Skipped the hazardous waste pickup at the high school.

I have an appointment on Monday morning to talk about a kitchen job in Mashpee.


I used the remaining coconut milk and veg broth for pumpkin soup seasoned with onion, curry, ginger and cumin.

Did a run to the transfer station with some of the pine branches Ron lopped off earlier this week.

More weeding. I’ve been neglecting the veg gardens, trying to catch up a little. The temperature is moderate today, but it’s still a bit muggy.

I did a bit of tech support today: took Ron’s computer out of the box and plugged it in. He likes it a lot and has been loading music on it for the last several hours.

He did square away the padlock on the little shed and cut off the dead part of the red maple trunk. I trimmed the suckers off the bottom and watered it. It looks better. The front yard does, too, although it’s pretty grim right now with most of the flowers gone by.

Booked an appointment for a safety check at Falmouth Toyota on Monday. Have been checking the oil level; okay so far.

New Chair

Geri and Free were available to take a ride with me to Harwich so I could pick up a mosaic chair that I bought online yesterday.

Earlier, Ron and I did a walk through FallutinLand. We took a little different route which I liked very much, although it’s much more aerobic.

First bloom on the hibiscus that I transplanted last year!

I made a salad and a broccoli tomato casserole for supper.

Matt and his father came by to turn off one of the sprinkler heads. Turned out to be easy because it happens to be adjustable. We appreciated their visit!

CSA and Other Errands

We battened down yesterday morning in anticipation of high winds. Ron pounded in stakes for the big lilies and we secured them with plant tie tape. They did very well as did everything else.

I made a couple of salads yesterday, including grilling almost-gone-by squash and marinating almost-gone-by cukes. Tomatoes from last week’s CSA were horrible.

We took off for Hyannis yesterday around quarter past twelve. Stopped at Four Seas, which was smart, we didn’t get back to the house until after 3.

Ron exchanged windshield wipers at Auto Zone near the airport. I made an appointment at Hyannis Toyota for a second opinion on the truck. We picked up groceries at Stop & Shop and produce at the CSA.

After supper, I did a run to Andy’s for a 30-pack of Narragansett. My favorite cashier was there, carried it to the truck for me.

Eggplant Parm, Cake

Yesterday, I made eggplant parmesan and a frosted spice cake for Ron.

Bad news on the truck. The oil pan can’t be easily replaced. Removing it would disturb other parts, like tie rods, that are so rusted they are likely to break.

The funds transfer from Rockland to the Coop worked itself out yesterday. I forgot my credit card so had to borrow from savings to pay for it, but that’s not a tragedy. Ron dropped me off in Teaticket and still got to Rockland on time to pick up Robert. Light traffic; I was able to stroll across Route 28.

Watched a fine webcast from Cato about plea bargaining yesterday.

We bailed on the news last night: Corona, Corona, Congress, Congress. Opted for wine and cold supper on the deck.


It’s afternoon. We’ve already done two loads of laundry and changed the sheets.

I helped Ron clean up his tree project yesterday and got him to stop piling everything up until the truck is back.

The neighbors across the street had a big house party yesterday: 10 cars. Fortunately, they don’t seem to like us so it’s unlikely that we would ever be less than a social distance from them.

Ordered supplies from “Jo Jorgensen for President”. I agree with her on almost every issue. Glad she got the nomination, I was hoping.

Last night, watched a film about the Jazz Loft (821 Sixth Avenue). The building is now for sale for over $14 million. We also watched the Magnificent Seven.

Ron is stuffing insulation into the area above the dryer. I am trying to psych myself into doing something equally useful, even if it’s just putting together a cold salad.

More Heat, More Ugly

Ron is sawing off pine tree branches. It’s his favorite thing to do except for the sap.

My truck has been leaking oil. It’s at Midas, needs a new engine oil pan. Lori is giving me 10% off, which beats Toyota’s quote.

Ron drove me back from Falmouth, which was nice. The trip wasn’t a total waste for him: he picked up a gas additive at Auto Zone and a DVD at the thrift shop on Davisville.

I made a really good cold cauliflower and egg salad for lunch with red onion, pickles, celery. Cauliflower pizza with vegan pepperoni last night.

We were able to do a walk to Falutin’Vill last evening, about two miles. Nice. Love that area.

More Cooking

Ron bought walnuts yesterday so I harvested basil and made pesto today. Froze it in an ice cube tray.

Made two nice zucchini bread loaves and prepped a pound and a half of turnips for tomorrow.

Misfits box arrived on time today. Nice supplement to the CSA. We have enough produce for a while, so I cancelled next week’s delivery.

We had some really good corn that Ron brought home yesterday. I’d steamed three ears for me since I prefer cooked to raw; he ate two of them.

Funny how the days fill up even when we have nothing special planned.