Gardener’s Diary

Had some light rain today, enough so we didn’t have to water the new grass.

For the last two days, Ron and I have been working at Edgewater. We bought some new power tools that are helping Ron remove the paint from the railings.

This project has been dragging on for ages, but we’re encouraged that this is the best approach. It’s very time-consuming, unfortunately.

I finally transplanted four of the grasses. Dug up a lot of weeds in the process. Mowed the front lawn yesterday, probably for the last time, since Peter has been cleared to do the work himself.

We got to Highfield so we could see Carolyn’s stone.

Transfer Station, Laundry, Rain

We’re having perfect rain for new grass.

We decided to punt on Wellfleet; 90 mile round trip in the rain wasn’t real appealing, and Ron’s back is bothering him.

We did get the transfer station run done and picked up some grass seed accelerator at Country Garden. Stopped at Four Seas on the way back for quarts. I did a couple loads of laundry, made chicken hash for lunch and put the accelerator in the re-seeded spots in the front.

New Grass

Ron spent a good part of yesterday taking care of the lawn here, which is starting to show new grass only ten days after seeding. I went to New Bedford but only for a short time, figured traffic would be bad with the long weekend. There was a half-mile backup at the Bourne around 4:30. Stopped by to visit a colleague’s startup in Centerville.

Candidates I like: Patrick Ellis (state rep); Sheila Lyons and Eric Steinhilber (commissioner); Christopher Sheldon (House of Representatives).


I’ve been very unhappy with the yard here and finally figured out why: the wild blooming vine made climbing over the deck railings made everything look messy and unkempt. It was too much and too hideous, probably due to the dry summer.

I ripped it all out today and wrapped it in a tarp, to be taken to the transfer station later this week.

We got our flu shots today.

I also cleaned up the gone-by tomato plants; picked up the lawnmower from Botello; and mowed the back yard at Edgewater. Stopped for produce and some groceries, made supper, watched the second Warren/Brown debate with David Gregory as moderator.

I think David Gregory won.

Not Too Shabby

Bungeed up the big grasses.

Did laundry and changed sheets. Made the transfer station run. Emme called to see if she could visit. She made a cheesecake and the marinade for grilled fish. We picked up a very good condition used Hoyle’s at the bookstore in Cotuit. All in all, a nice day.