More Organization

Ron must have paid a fortune to move his LPs.  Between us, we put 8 boxes into the new den.  Must be 500 pounds or more.

We also moved the sideboard against the outside wall, thus providing floor space for any one of a number of endeavors: carpentry, workout, sorting and culling.

I found a box of documents that I’ve been looking for since we brought 5 bags of paper to be shred to the Barnstable Senior Center in mid-May!  The docs include college and even a high school transcript, SAT and GRE scores, old mortgage papers, resumes and other memoirs.  So happy to have these.

The good people at Sullivan Tire in Falmouth changed the oil in my truck today.  I had a very minor check engine light, briefly, but was able to delete it, and the mechanic said the truck is okay.  Got coffee and a fritter at Cumby.  Three cop cars were there to investigate an assault that had happened a short while beforehand.

Picked up a red pepper and coffee at Shaw’s, we were out, and made a deposit at the Credit Union so I could make a payment that was due tomorrow.

Ron picked up a doodad at Aubuchon which he hoped will fix the power washer hose fitting, but no joy.  He was able to scrape off the old transfer station stickers.

I spent some quality time in the hammock and watched a hummer feed at the bee balm.

It’s a Den

Ron painted the floor yesterday and today I put down Carolyn’s rug and moved furniture into the new room.

We brought 4 pieces for donation.  The Falmouth Service Center wouldn’t take them, but the Habitat ReStore took 3.

I drove Em to work this morning and Peter to pay for and pick up the car this afternoon.  The parts killed us.

I was mulling over how I’ll keep busy now that the room is a den, but remembered that we have a whole section of basement to organize.

After supper, Ron moved his LPs into the den.  He says it’s temporary, but I can envision shelves to store them.

I cleaned the bathroom yesterday and figure to work on the kitchen this weekend and feed the plants.


Ron has finished the doors!

I blue-taped the baseboard, vacuumed and mopped and am waiting for him to leave the room so that I can paint the floor.

He kindly offered to paint the little pine chest I’ve had for years.  I thought with the right doodads it would make a nice “beach” piece.

Uploaded Roving to Jim’s server this morning, barely in time for his managers meeting.

A bright green hummer visited the hibiscus while I was having lunch.

Painting, CSA, Cooking

Ron continued to work on doors.  I figured out how to get the caps off the small closet door pins.  We had to grease the pins to get them out.  An Allen wrench worked quite well for that.

Made a big lunch today with some of yesterday’s produce: spiralized the big white zucchini and sauteed it with onion, our garlic and kale.  Made a salad with romaine, tomato and cuke.

I picked up our share and washed multiple heads of lettuce, carrots and potatoes.  Huge harvest this week: cukes, zukes, summer squash, potatoes, carrots, basil, green beans.  Lots of free stuff.  No beets, though.

Got more trim paint at Aubuchon, they had a 15% off coupon for today only.

Yesterday, we ordered an electric toothbrush for Ron, Amazon Prime special.


Ron is working on doors today.  He finished the walls yesterday.

I brought home groceries from the Service Center: bagels, canned and fresh tomatoes, black beans, corn, romaine, onions, zuke, eggs, shredded cheddar, peanut butter, canned pineapple, shelf milk, brown rice, wheat rotini.

We did the usual yesterday: laundry, changed sheets, transfer station.

Hulu has been having trouble with Roku TVs.  Subtitles only show in Spanish.  Their tech support was working last night (Sunday) and filled us in.  Impressed.

Been polishing up Roving.

Hot, humid and horrible today.  There should be a law prohibiting any outdoor work on days like this.  A woman at the bank told me a friend of hers who works outside was brought to the ER with heat exhaustion during the last miserable spell.

Cliché Wars

For those who are sick of politics because they feel attacked for supporting Trump: his message should be resonating with a lot more people, but his personal style is antagonistic and bombastic, which turns many off.

Supporting Trump also gets tangled with excusing bad cops and advocating for military/industrial complex waste, and I daresay no one wants either.

I’m a registered Republican and like a lot of Trump’s ideas but think he comes across as amateurish, entitled and conceited: common for men his/my age (72).

Trump supporters have done a lousy job of explaining why they like him, claiming that he’s responsible for events beyond the control of a single individual, like unemployment or GNP statistics.

I get frustrated with Rush Limbaugh and other right-leaning personalities: his screeds are emotional and too often not based on fact. He, Anne Coulter, Laura Ingraham: bright, informed people who haven’t made the case for why their brand of conservatism is good for the people they claim to represent.

For example, I don’t see that tariffs are helping American farmers, even the wealthy agribusiness owners.

Trump is right to challenge “progressive” clichéd reactions to any and all conservative opinions, but name-calling and character assassination isn’t effective, for anyone.


Pruned a huge amount of dead wood from the hydrangea in the front.

Watered and fed the roses, geraniums and hydrangea “circle”.

I found and Ron put a new stake on a cool yard ornament that had been gathering dust in the basement; it’s now in the corner garden.


Friday the 13th

Planted the marigolds (19).

Ron painted over the repaired, primed areas.

I took off the basement window plastic caps and weeded, and Ron opened the windows, probably for the first time in at least 5 years.

Robert got a raise and was encouraged to complete his certification!

Picked up a COCONUT ♡’s TURMERIC hot bowl from the Organic Market: roasted cauliflower, sweet potatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, sautéed spinach in a coconut turmeric curry sauce over wild rice.  Made a fine supper with veg burgers.


Insight; Paint

Insight came by for quarterly spraying.  Nice kid, student at Nevada State.

Ron finished priming.

I worked on Roving and did some sleuthing for Jim on an issue with a vendor.

Bought 3 six packs of marigolds yesterday at Soares’ one day 60% off sale.

Bought paint and rollers for tomorrow.