Good Checkup; Uppa Yours

Truck and I both passed inspection today: good checkup for me with the much smaller DvH and a sticker for the truck.

Paid a pile of bills.

Called and emailed that I’m not interested in working at Associates.

Ron and I picked out a paint shade we like for the new room.

Got four shelf units moved to the laundry/hardware area!

Watched parts of Episode 10 of Handmaid’s Tale.

Dropped off John’s plasterer’s hawk at his house; saw Doggo in the window, but she didn’t make a sound: good dog!

Installed Panda on WORKERBEE.

Scrambled eggs with garlic scapes for supper; fresh strawberries with cannoli ricotta filling and whipped cream for dessert.

My oh my.


Out of Sorts

Decided at the last minute to lend Peter my truck so he could transport Alpha to and from their training session.

That worked out fine.

Ron and I hoped to have his vehicle inspected at Cormier on the way back, but turns out, his van would fail because of the door.  Ron was beside himself, but Buddy gave him an appointment on Friday, first thing, to fix it and put a sticker on it.

One strike.

I stopped at Cindy’s work on the way to Falmouth Hospital to pick up something for Cathy.  Cindy had forgotten it, which was not a tragedy, but it was

Strike two.

I was hungry and wanted a breakfast sandwich, which I couldn’t find at the convenience store.  Did buy crayons for the coloring books.

I tried the West Falmouth Market.  It was after 11 so they were out of breakfast goods, but one of the deli workers offered to make one for me.  Another customer was yelling over me, and I let him know I didn’t like it.

A woman at the checkout said “That was rude”.  Of course, I thought she meant me, and I lashed out “Mind your own business!”  She explained that she was on my side.  Horrified, I apologized about a dozen times.  Even apologized to the dolt.

Strike three.

The woman at the register was sympathetic and said she agreed, the kid was rude.

Got to Falmouth Hospital.  Cathy wasn’t there, she’s at Cape Cod.

Total waste, could have driven Alpha, could have seen Cathy.

I told Ron that he lost the Asshole of the Day contest because I came in first.

We did get the A/C in Ron’s window and brought the big one up for the living room.

After dropping off the boys, I went to Hyannis to see Cathy and picked up groceries at Trader Joe’s.  That redeemed the day.

While I was gone, Ron finished mowing the lawn and installed the big A/C.

Peonies; C-Lab

The peony we transplanted in 2014 has been magnificent this year.  The newer one is doing great as well.

I did some watering and planted the new rose bush and viburnum this morning after a blood test at C-Lab.  Waited half an hour to be checked in; they are breaking in a new computer system.

We stopped at Town Hall for a transfer station sticker, then to Edgewater, then to the transfer station to unload for this week.

Picked up pizza slices from Dino’s for lunch back at the house.

Ron got new Cooper tires for his van.

Wanted to get the vehicles inspected, but the internet is down at Cormier’s.

We did some more work on the new room: finished second primer coat and painted the door frames.

Salad and strawberries with whipped cream for supper.

Cathy’s surgery went well.

Father’s Day

Wholesale Nursery started their annual wind down yesterday with 50% off.  Brought home a Stella D’oro, a rose and a viburnum.

Not a bad start: washed strawberries from Pariah Dog and made 2 pots of coffee.

Blueberry smoothies and grilled veg burgers for lunch with leftover salad Ron put together yesterday.

Too hot to do anything outside, so we started priming the new room today.

Did laundry, changed sheets.  Put off transfer station run until tomorrow.

Corn for supper.


Dropped off a bunch of recycling at the transfer station on my way to pick up Robert for work.

A fellow FB user messaged me about their bad experience with  Sunnova.  It motivated me to file a complaint with the AG’s office and send a copy to Trinity.

Dropped by Jenny’s Edibles; this is her last weekend.  She’s giving each customer their pick of a free plant, so I brought home a Nasturtium – Ron got his yesterday – and bought a big tomato.  Planted the three in the old corn garden.

Did a shop at Shaw’s on the way home.  Ice cream on sale, piles of it, and butter, too.

Had planned to drive A to Hyannis but their training session was called off, so ended up with a free afternoon.

Unfortunately, we discovered a huge puddle under the mat next to the sink.  Ron is working on a cleanup.



Quite a change from yesterday.

In lieu of beef stew, I made kale soup last night.  Good, too.

We washed the vehicles today.  I drove Robert and James to work.

Checked out the tennis court at SPE.  Too much detritus, really needs heavy equipment to clear, or maybe a chain gang of hardy, poison ivy-resistant folks.

Synchronicity going on with prospective employer.  The day I wrote to the recruiter thanking him for his time, I got the call for a first interview.

Today, after getting thank you’s in the mailbox just before Dennis arrived, I got the call for a second interview.

Brought Dino’s pizzas for the boys and one for us.  Ron put together a salad of greens and cukes.  Perfect.

Uploaded documentation for my stock certificate claim.

Strawberry cake in the oven.


Rain, But Not Much

Watered yesterday.

Drove Alpha to and from Hyannis yesterday for their training.  Spent part of the afternoon at CapeSpace, then ran an errand at World Market.  They finally got a shipment of the plates I’ve been wanting!  Had a 15% coupon.

Em talked me into going to Five Below, which turned out well for both of us.  They got a new pair of headphones and I picked up candy bars for us and three coloring books for Cathy’s convalescence.

Got a second laptop cooling pad.

Today, washed out the pile of plant pots for recycling then picked up eggs at deSilva Farms and a couple of MiracleGro feeders at Aubuchon; they had the best prices.

Fed everything; went through two containers of liquid feed.  Put some mulch on the herb garden.

Tom and Jake fixed the outdoor shower and finished just as the rain started.

A NationalGrid rep provided a good explanation of their charges and how their balanced billing installments are calculated.

Good day for beef stew, except that we don’t eat beef.


Woke up at 4:30 and decided to slog through more coding for Roving GM.

Had breakfast, fell asleep at 7:30, woke up about an hour later.

Had an interview today.

No yard work to speak of.

Kitty dropped by as Ron was leaving to get the boys.

Did make stuffed zukes and salad for lunch.  Everyone for themselves for supper.


Had brunch with Cindy and Cathy at Dana’s Kitchen.  Overcast but decent enough to eat outside.  I’ve really lost my taste for animal protein.

Did the transfer station run.  Ron had done a fantastic job organizing cardboard, metal and everything else, so we were in and out fast.

Raked the mulch.  Set up a wood “bridge” for Ron to use when he cleans the bird bath.  Pavers would be nice, but $$$.

Ron did the laundry; we made the bed.  He cleaned out “Ron’s Pond” and drove James home from work.

Ron got to wear his blue shoes!  Same container had a box of gorgeous ties.