Plant Sales

Yesterday was the big one for plant sales, had to have been at least six on Cape. I went to three in our area: Green Briar, Meetinghouse Farm and Master Gardeners.

Also bought mulch at Scenic Roots and got it spread in the herb garden, then ran out of steam; my body stopped working.

I did have enough steam left to make egg salad for Ron’s lunch.

Went to Meeting today and left after the service to do errands at Eastman’s and Walmart, then returned for the discussion group, which was very worthwhile.

Saw a documentary on the simultaneous decline of Elvis and America.

Timers; Herbs; Weeding

The timer I bought from Amazon doesn’t work. They’re allowing us to send it back even though the timeframe for returns is over. The timer in the front works great. Ron boxed up the other one and brought it to UPS.

I picked up herbs at Sprout Farm and had a brief visit with Phyllis yesterday.

Removed dead material and transplanted over the past couple of days. Cleaned out the herb and the little gardens.

Paid bills yesterday and a bit of troubleshooting with NEPS.

Made onion soup and instant chocolate coconut pudding. The onion soup was very good, will make it again.

Grandson Took Me To Lunch! Transplanted the Dogwood

I closed Robert’s custodial account and transferred the funds to his checking account. He took me to lunch afterwards!

I met with a biologist/hunter in the morning and with the Barnstable Republican Town Committee in the evening. Good presentation on how the Sheriff’s department works with ICE. Quick supper at Panera, and it wasn’t at all good.

The biologist/hunter burst into laughter when I shared my low opinion of a person who did me in professionally. Evidently I am not alone; far from it.

Festooned the far garden stakes with tennis balls.

I solved a vexing problem for NEPS. Of course, there are more to be solved. I hate that application.

Today, I transplanted the Kousa dogwood. Much more work than I anticipated. I broke off a couple of big roots, which is horrible.

What’s Fair?

The upshot is that Conservatives, including me, “define “fairness” in terms other than aid to the neediest.”

In other words, “Don’t take advantage of me, and don’t help yourself to more than you deserve.”

Saturday – already?

I’ve been in heaven listening to Essentially Ellington since yesterday afternoon. Many more women this year! One brought the house down with a solo from Isfahan.

Ron did a first mow.

I’ve spread two 3 cubic foot bags of good mulch from Scenic Roots. Left a third bag in reserve.

Lots of weeding, mostly grass and a few oak seedlings/acorns.

Robert started at the bank and loves it. They love him.

Interviewed at McLane labs on Thursday. Fantastic devs.

Ron did a big shop at Star/Shaw’s. Brought home a $30 plant for the front and brought it back for a much-preferred $13 version.

We may have milkweed in two gardens. We do have a couple of asparagus.

Speaking of: Ron cooked last night: ravioli with pesto and asparagus.

Pushed code up to GitHub for Jim. Tough battle.

Sad news yesterday: one of our wild rabbits was killed and the carcass left in the neighbors’ driveway. I buried it.

Roses, Transfer Station

Noticed some predation so after stopping at Edgewater, picked up a liquid treatment and 3 bags of mulch at Scenic Roots.

Visited Green Briar and had a nice chat with the gardener who maintains the wildlflowers and soon the rest of the plantings.

Applied the treatment and put mulch on the roses. Hope to finish mulching the hydrangeas tomorrow.

Ron cleaned “the pond”.

I made a soup from rutabaga, squash, onions, potato, celery and curry.

First Mow

Ron put air in the wheelbarrow tire and did the first mow of the year.

I did surgery on a poor sedum that had been invaded with yarrow and coreopsis. What a mess! Hope I didn’t kill the patient.

Did a small shop. Synced the checkbooks.

Ron’s Birthday; Heavy Yardwork

Ron dug up a couple of unwanted shrubs at the top of the U. I dugout grass from the bed next to the back deck.

I fed the peonies with triple phosphate.

My truck had exhaust-related engine lights on. Brought it to Midas; Ryan suggested “Guaranteed to Pass” to clean the cat first. Picked up a bottle at Auto Zone; cool cashier! Filled the tank and the additive at Cumby.

Ron had come to Falmouth to drive me home, which turned out not to be necessary.

Turns out, the trip wasn’t wholly a lost cause for him: I talked him into a sundae at Friendly’s, and while I was at Cumby’s, he shopped at Job Lot and the Italian bakery and brought home cannoli.

It’s all a blur after that. I fixed a problem for the school admin site and talked with a recruiter about a job that might either be remote or in Renton. Got an email invite to interview for a job in Falmouth.

We skipped town meeting and fortunately, our votes weren’t needed for the articles that interested us.