Ron Danced

Started the day by cutting up the pile of Russian olive brush that Ron hacked a few days ago and hauling it to the transfer station. We fit all of it in the truck, reserving some large branches for Ron to do something with.
We went to a memorial dance/fundraiser for one of Greg Baker’s bandmates who passed away earlier this month.
I went to Falmouth for the Jazz Stroll, which was good but too many people. Filled the truck at Cumby.

Not Much

Thought I was to pick up Robert, so I did some Falmouth errands, including picking up a (free) pizza at Shaw’s (we’d had a coupon but they ran out), shopping at Dollar Tree, buying Friday discount flowers at Roche, ice cream at the place in Waquoit (Gifford’s, not a big deal) and diatomaceous earth (not cheap) at Mahoney’s.

Turns out, Robert had a ride, so I got home earlier than expected. Threw the pizza on the grill. Burned the bottom, of course, but it was still good.

Cancelled Acorn (good until 1/11) and helped Ron cancel a couple of subscriptions that’ll save him about $14 a month.

Paid Narragansett insurance and HFCU.

I thought Dollar Tree was okay, but still believe it was the wrong location. Would work at South Cape Village with a building more in keeping with the others. Their facade is ugly, no question.

A/Cs Out, PopUp Down

We, mostly Ron, took out the air conditioners. We, pretty much both of us, took down the popup, cleaned it up a bit and brought it in. It had overturned in the wind.

Aside from that, it was a quiet day. Extremely windy, incongruous with sunshine in the morning. Except for a couple of brief outages, we kept our power.

I enjoyed the first Cape Cod Times civility session last evening. Almost made it home before the rain. The only bad patch was finding the entrances to Winslow Farms.

I think I’ve got billing procedures squared away with the new insurance companies. One is automatic, the other two are not. Different logins for all three policies; oh, joy.

Made a really good soup yesterday – cauliflower and squash – and nut and lentil burgers today. A little crazy to grill outside with the wind, but it worked out.

Very pleased that the Dollar Tree proposal was withdrawn. Ron texted last evening while I was at the Times.

Worked some more on cleaning out that wound on my left hand ring finger. It feels somewhat better. We did a transfer station run yesterday to dump the detritus. I think we did a laundry as well.

Soakers, Cutting Back, Weeding

Yesterday, Ron drained and stored all but one of the small soaker hoses.

I cut back more daylilies and hosta along the fence and weeded out a pile of grass and violets from the rose bed next to the deck.

Got something stuck in my left ring finger, hope I removed all of it.

Signed us up on ROKU for HOOPLA, another free online film, TV show, book service.

A Little Outdoor Work

Got the truck loaded and made three runs to the transfer station, two of them with Peter, who had a full load of “trash” even before recycling and their garbage.

Cleaned up the stellas in the oval and clipped some lemon thyme to dry.

Made waffles this morning in a vain attempt to cheer Ron up.

Peter is hurting, but announced that he has a new gig. Fingers crossed, multiple times. Happy for him.

More algorithmic exercises.

Did a produce shop at S&S. Big salads and pretzels for lunch.

Flowers Would Have Been Nice

I’m not sure they were even on sale at Roche, since it’s a holiday weekend.

In any event, looks like another tight month. Glad I didn’t go.

We had lunch at Subway just for an excuse to get out of the house. I got a salad, big enough for almost two meals. Quite delicious. Ron got a big veg sub.

I also stopped at the library for a book on hold and picked up Halloween candy and tissues on sale at CVS.

Spaghetti Code King

From Scott Hannen:

For example, suppose one class depends on ISomething, but the implementation of ISomething is a class that has three more dependencies. And some of those dependencies have dependencies, and so on. The result is that each individual class is simpler in isolation (exactly what we want) but creating an instance of a class is now more complex. A constructor call might look something like this:
IHouse house = new FloorPlan23House( new ElectricalSystem( new GeModel3000WiringPanel(), new SolarPowerSource(new acmeSolarPanelArray(New Sun()), new MassiveBattery())), new Kitchen(new MarbleCounterTop(new HomeDepotSink()....
This could become incomprehensible if you’re working with a large number of classes.

Yes! Exactly! The labyrinthine codebase from Chestertown, in a nutshell, or should I say, nuthouse.

Well, F* me.