Worst Is Over

The day I’ve been dreading for a year is behind us: meeting with our advisor for 2020 taxes.

I guess it could have been worse. I greatly underestimated what we’d owe as a result of the sale of 11 Edgewater. This morning, I set up a payment plan with IRS and an online account with Mass.

Aside from that, it’s a pleasant morning. Ron let me sleep in, started the laundry and took care of Teddy, who was acting strangely, as has been happening since the start of the new season.

Disappointing Election, But We Got the Lawn Mowed

479 people decided “none of the above” in the selectperson race. Marie lost by a substantial margin, especially in Precinct 5, South Mashpee, which skews older than the town as a whole.

I mowed the front and left side and Ron did the back and the right side of the lawn Saturday afternoon. It was nice to see the results when I fetched the Sunday paper.

I did some more figuring on our 2020 taxes.

Consolidated paperwork for my REAL ID appointment today at AAA.

Teddy escaped yesterday. He seems determined to meet Gracie, the Ridgeback next door. Fortunately, the humans weren’t home.

I sprayed the roses yesterday afternoon. Knew that rain was predicted, but wanted to start the slaughter. We did have rain last night and early this morning, so I’ll probably need to spray again.

Ron took Teddy for his morning walk in light rain, both of which I appreciated greatly. Happy that the seeds and the new plant got free and effective watering.

I did a couple of grocery shops yesterday. Nice lunch on the deck, grilled veg burgers and salads.

Reconciled checkbooks this morning.

Ron’s 75th; Seeds

Ron had a good birthday this year: I made pancakes for breakfast and treated him and Cathy to lunch at Anejo. Cathy gave him a scratch ticket worth $15! She starts a new job at MBL later this month.

“Ravin'” Dave called to wish Ron a happy birthday, and numerous friends posted greetings on Facebook. Newsy letter from Cara.

I planted wildflower and sunflower seeds this week. Matt Holmes and son dropped by to adjust one of the sprayers.

I got a nice surprise, a box from Food Forest Farm in NY state. They’d offered a plant in exchange for proof of voting last November. They sent a Sea Kale; I planted it yesterday.

Started data mapping for the new NEPS. Solved the SSL problem.

Planted bean seeds and did more pruning on the autumn clematis today. Gorgeous walks with Teddy and one with Ron, too.

Did a one-hour standout for Marie Stone. Got screamed at by one of the other volunteers. Forgot to get her rabies booster, I guess.

Gates; Irrigation

Ron installed the deck gates and the irrigation system got turned on yesterday.

Over the course of the weekend, I emptied one of the compost bins. Weeded and composted around the roses.

Combined the rest of the compost bin with the remaining pile of decomposed plants and soil and added to two of the garden plots.

I filed Bennett’s 2019 return. They’ve received the last two stimulus payments that were pending their 2020 return.

Had a problem with NEPS that Jim and I think is a server issue. I had to restore the old version.

Bike, Old Yard Equipment

Ron bought himself a nice used bike from a gent in Brockton. He’s been running around the last two days buying tools and parts.

I was able to find new homes for the drop spreader and the leaf catcher. Very pleased.

Teddy bit Ron and it was Ron’s fault. There was a brief discussion about returning Teddy to the shelter but that didn’t get traction with me.

I’ve had a few too many conversations with Ron about his arguments with me and this morning I threatened to divorce him and take away his money, which would leave him with less to spend on himself. Maybe that will make a dent – nothing else seems to.

Yesterday, he wandered around Falmouth for two hours trying to find a pizza place that is 489 feet away from the bike shop he was visiting. That’s because he ignored my description and landmarks, thinking that he knew better.

Queen Mattress

Ron and Tony loaded the queen mattress on the truck, and we delivered it to Edgewater – for Robert! Word is he and Angel like it.

Yesterday I started filling in one of the garden plots with a mix of compost and soil. Also filled more bags of leaves.

I did a little work on new NEPS. Still waiting for info on data source.

Teddy got several walks yesterday. It rained today, at times pretty hard; we were out twice and once more in drizzle. Ron and I walked him a fourth time. It’s a little after 8 PM, and he’s pretty much “down” for the night.

I made eggplant parm. Ron did laundry. We, mostly me, made up the bed.

After the rain, I made a quick trip to the Wholesale Nursery to check out flowering trees, all of which seem to require full sun. Stopped at the banks on the way back.


Yes, cooked. Made a salad and a good risi e bisi from a recipe in last Sunday’s New York Times.

Ron peeled, prepped and boiled potatoes that were almost gone-by.

The neighbor next door – a local bitch who has nothing warm or human about her – is putting in a patio about 20 feet from our bedroom. I made an appointment for Chris to give us an estimate for a wooden Accurate Fence. Cancelled the plumber for today; we’re putting off some of the work we’d discussed with them.

Teddy bit Ron yesterday. We cleaned and dressed the wound, but it was hurting, so Ron has had a removable splint on it, one of our many orthopedic accessories.

We had a long talk about this and decided on a couple of adjustments to see how things go, for example, giving him his tranq earlier in the afternoon and possibly upping the dose to the original 100 mg.

We need to take particular care with leashing him when he can’t see us.

In spite of the incident, Ron took Teddy out for his early morning walk today. This was exceptional of him: it was bloody windy (20 mph at one point) and cold (40). He’s been working on the compost, too.

More Outside Progress

Ron fixed a hose for the front spigot. I brought up the hose reel, turned on the back spigot and sprayed weed killer on the back and side lawn.

I did more pruning and weeding and the beds look pretty decent at this point. I fed all three peonies with triple phosphate and hammered in another support for the front peony.

Done With Leaves

I finished hacking through the giant pile of leaves and pine needles yesterday. The leaf mold at the bottom is great for the gardens or maybe even a new woodland garden. Ron kindly brought the bags to the transfer station.

Ron also replaced the vanes that Teddy had chewed. That involved repairing one of the vane holders.

The day before, we’d composted a bunch of gone-bys. At Ron suggestion, I planted a sprouted red onion in the garlic patch before composting the rotten outside.

I made oatmeal and sautéed two bunches of chard with garlic. Ron cleaned up the kitchen before going to bed.

I did a late shop around 8. The store was quiet, and I lucked out, got a register pretty much right away.

We didn’t finish the laundry and get the bed changed until close to 9 PM.

This morning, I dug up a couple of offshoots of the beach rose and some weedy plants and finished pruning the garden in front of the fence. Two acetaminophen and I still hurt. For the first time, the thought of condo living crossed my mind, briefly.

Goodbye, Brush

We brought the second load of unshreddable brush to the recycling center yesterday and brought home paper leaf disposal bags.

I’m eager to continue working on that part of the yard. It looks so much better without the detritus from the County.

Ron doctor’s office failed once again to renew his Tramadol prescription. Their on-call doc was able to help him this morning.

Teddy chewed through his leash yesterday. Not his fault, I’d anchored it to rebar in the mistaken belief that he’d enjoy being in a different part of the yard. I ordered a new one this morning.