Goofed up a UPS shipment label and am waiting for them to find it and send it back.

Spent part of the morning with M2R and caught up with a teenager’s birthday party at Starbucks which I wasn’t supposed to know about. Terrific kid, wanted to give him a small gift.

Boxed up another “buyer’s remorse” package for mailing via Post Office on Monday.

Ron worked some more on breaking up the squirrel’s nests.

James; Squirrel #6

Had an outstanding visit with James yesterday.

We had pizza and taco salad at Brothers, then came back here for tea and a great conversation about history and politics.

He never even told us he made Dean’s List.

What a guy!

Erik removed the fifth squirrel and trapped the sixth. We were worried it would freeze, so Ron covered the trap with an old blanket.

This morning, the squirrel was fine. The blanket had fallen off. We squared up with Erik. Asked for a quote from Sunnova for critter guards, since Trinity doesn’t install them.

Can’t find anyone to remove the nests, so Ron is going to try to do it himself. He likes ladders even more than his chainsaw.

MRS went live yesterday afternoon. Two enrollments already. Sent an invoice today.


Erik has trapped four so far and saw a fifth just now.

Looking for help removing the nests.

Full house at last night’s Compassion & Choices lecture at UUFF.

Eggplant meatloaf and fancy salad for supper last night.

Ron had a good checkup yesterday.

Ron got a big check from Cal that should cover most of his health insurance premiums for this year. He’s promised to set up a savings account.

Some good soul posted all 4+ hours of the Roy Hargrove Musical Tribute on Youtube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpfyHOE521M

Transfer Station, Etc.

I picked up bagels at the Senior Center and went straight to Edgewater to get Peter’s help with trash and recyclables before he went to work.

Went with Ron to his doctor’s new office for blood work, then we offloaded at the transfer station and dropped off the Sandwich library book at their book drop in South Sandwich.

Got a call while in transit from a pest removal company. They set up HaveAHeart traps to catch the squirrels under the solar panels.

Ron cut down a couple of substantial branches which we think the squirrels might have used to get on the roof from the big oak in front.

I removed and wound up the lights from the front bushes and put all the lighting goods in the attic.

More fine-tuning and bug fixes for MRS.

Cold today. 19.

Ron made omelets for lunch. I did stir fry and rice for supper.

Hot Plate, Four-Pack

We boxed up one joke gift (beer steins) and one nice gift (book by C.L. Fornari) for the Yankee Swap at yesterday’s M2R party.

There were several cakes, some fine entertainment and lots of good fellowship. Ron had a great time! We brought home a Woods Hole Spritsail hot plate and a four-pack of beer from the swap.

Other gifts included a basket of produce; a “crouching tiger” knick-knack; a cowbell; jam; scratch tickets.

Got the sheets changed and that was about it.


I ran around for over 3 hours today, starting with a brief visit with the M2R standout people.

From there, I stopped in for a tour of People for Cats and their magnificent shelter. Didn’t make a connection with any of the cats which didn’t surprise me. Hope Ron might be willing to take a look.

Shopped at Walmart, Shaws and then back to Mashpee to check in at CVS for my card. Got a number to call for a replacement. Picked up a few things at Stop & Shop, including chowder for lunch.

Didn’t do anything special for supper. Ron was busy going through a huge box of paperwork. He made mulled wine, which isn’t to my liking, and cleaned up the kitchen afterwards.

Yesterday, he cleaned the coffee maker.

I had a crying breakdown yesterday after listening to a plaintive soundtrack from of all things, a video game. Talked with Cathy for a while; she helped me feel better. I was so depleted, worn out with being sick, the MRS project, money, glad to be done with the holidays.

Done With Winter Holidays

Glad Christmas and New Year’s are over.

Peter dropped by yesterday to drop off new year’s good luck grapes and our Christmas gifts: brandy, wine and mulling spices. Creative, generous, thoughtful!

I made pumpkin soup and continued to work on MRS. Ron put away the outdoor light extension cords. We did a light shop at S&S.

Warm and pleasant yesterday. Colder today but sunny.

Day 7: New Year’s Eve

We took care of the transfer station run, laundry and bedding yesterday (Sunday).

I’ve been frustrated with power settings on the pc that’s running my current project.

The complicated page I’ve been toiling over for days, works. It’s based on a technique I found two years ago that uses ViewState as a data source for a datagrid.

The SQL proved to be tricky.

I’ve tried to like it, but canned spinach is just not my deal.

I cleaned the toaster oven and it works fine. Ron used it the other day to bake potatoes.

Second day trying to do without Omeprazole.