Teddy Week; Sick of the News

I woke up yesterday, or maybe the day before, feeling better than I had in a long time.

This morning, Teddy and I got up too early, so it’s hard to know exactly how I feel compared to yesterday. It was my fault: I visited the bathroom at 3 am, tried to be quiet, but you can’t fool those keen dog ears.

I can tell you that I’m bloody sick of political news. Republican complaints about Biden’s Executive Orders are already mounting, and it’s same old/same old.

Misstatements abound. For example, stopping the Keystone Pipeline would result in the loss of 1,000 permanent full-time jobs and about four months of temporary jobs, not one million. Hardly a blip on the country’s growing rate of unemployment.

The deluge of made-up “facts” continues, too. A right-wing bimbo was forced to recant her absurd claim that a $15 minimum wage would result in a $38 burrito. In the real world, Taco Bell told PolitiFact, “at our company-owned restaurants in New York City, where the minimum wage is $15 an hour, our Bean Burrito is $1.89 plus tax.”

I heard both Romney and Rubio on Chris Wallace’s show yesterday. It was striking to note how the former came across as an adult and the latter as a juvenile whiner. Maybe Ivanka would be a better choice for Senator after all.

Meanwhile, I’ve lost or misplaced a slipper and a face mask accessory. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they were buried under paperwork somewhere.

Teddy Week; Cooking

He didn’t mind the food processor.

We were up at 5:30 yesterday, reasonable hour. Bloody cold, though. We didn’t stay out long.

I made a casserole but undercooked the potatoes. Otherwise, it was good.

We did laundry and changed the sheets. Ron picked up coffee. We watched the Tampa Bay game but I was too tired to stay up for all of Kansas City.

Gave Teddy a full dose of his med in the evening. He was beside himself.

This morning, I was up at 3 to go to the bathroom and unfortunately, woke Teddy up. Took him out a couple of times – 19-20 degrees but no wind.

He was very thirsty and hungry. Fed him some kibble which seemed to satisfy him.

Gave him a half dose of his med this morning.

Teddy Week – Saturday

From Sandy’s last email, looks like MTR is done for good.

I felt well this morning, for the first time in who knows how long.

The three of us walked in the field yesterday.

The Bakers dropped off generous presents, dog biscuits and treats, and a nice note for the “Southern Gentleman”.

Teddy let me sleep until 5 today. We did a couple of short walks in the yard, then Ron took him for a long walk in the field.

Teddy seems to like R&B. We listened to The 5th Dimension and EW&F on YouTube to help motivate kitchen and bedroom chores.

Teddy – Day One

We brought Teddy home yesterday. He’s done the circuit around the house a couple of times and had no problem negotiating the deck stairs.

Ron took him out last night. I did the 3:30 am shift this morning. 20 degrees but no wind.

He was very restless. I gave him his anti-anxiety med.

Right now he’s panting at the top of the stairs, and I’m hoping to lure him with cheese to visit me in my den.

I was out with him yesterday afternoon and grateful for our house, our yard, for Ron and for Teddy.

Update: he made it down the stairs! Good dog!

He was lying in the den but started getting restless. In spite of cheese, we had to carry him back up stairs: not easy for Ron so early in the day. He wasn’t pleased but he didn’t bite us. Some carpentry needed before he comes downstairs again, I think.

Brought him outside again around 6 am. Fed him.

Took him out a couple more times, in the yard and the field. Ron walked him twice in the field. We all got a fair amount of outdoor time today. Teddy’s not bothered by other dogs in the neighborhood.

Meeting Teddy

We had a fine introduction to Teddy yesterday. He approached both of us without hesitation and walked calmly with us. He and Ron got along great; it’s going to be a boys’ club around here!

Rain, Cooking

I skipped the last standout before the inauguration yesterday because it was pouring and I wanted to do other things anyway.

Like searching through what felt like at least a dozen dog shelters and filling out applications.

I also wanted to do some cooking. Roasted spaghetti squash, tofu scramble and cauliflower. Hard-boiled some eggs for deviling.

A Fine Day

Yesterday I cleared a path from the dog run to the field and loaded about a barrelful of branches on the truck. We did an easy transfer station run. Looks like a rainy one today.

A neighbor’s mail had been delivered to us by mistake, so we walked over to re-deliver it.

Ron’s back was feeling okay, so we extended the walk and stopped to chat with a neighbor who is a stone cutter. He gave us a tour of his work area, including two winches and a giant trailer he’d built over an eight-year period.

Received Em’s birth certificate – great service from the Lowell City Clerk’s Office!

Our Hearts to a Dog to Tear; Fence; Blood

The fence was finished in a day on Wednesday. It looks like it’s always been there: a good sign that it’s in the right place.

I donated blood yesterday and got a Falmouth Road Race gift pack: nice!

We are getting ready to do a transfer station run. Ron’s back is better, but still not 100%.

We’ve filled out three or four applications to shelters, I’ve lost track. I lucked out with Paula. Nowadays, it’s not so easy to find a dog that is looking for a home. I’m not sure why the big demand.

Fence Solution; Ron’s New Implant

We’re having the new dog run installed at the back of the property. We’ll be able to see the dog and it’ll be cooler in the summer.

Ron has peace with this.

Impeachment day, thus nailing Trump as the worst US President, at least in our lifetimes if not the nation’s.

Ron got his tooth implant today and is very happy with it!

Nervous, Nellie

The dog fence will be installed this week. The timing was a surprise, and I’m nervous about it.

Ron has been no help, still feels lousy, still doing nothing about it.

I drove Em to her new PCP appointment today. Had a discount coupon for Cape Cod Creamery, which was nice.

Wish the Trump slapping were over. I’m getting nervous that the corporatocracy will let him get away with his malfeasance.